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TZapps… Fantastic Dev, Top Notch Apps!.. and a little gift read for details (promo code)


      Developer Alex Christou , @alexchristou (be sure to follow him on twitter) Of TZapps brings our platform, BlackBerry10, some seriously top notch apps … My two personal favorites with permanent homes on my Z30 and Q10 are “Alfa Browser” and “Web Splitter”…. “Alfa Browser” is huge on features and functions and can easily be your default browser! As we all know I’m a sucker for browsers, I can’t get enough and let me tell you this one you just have to have on your device…. from changing User agents to its swipe gesture tab switching and ad blocker, privacy mode, instant share web page screen shot feature and so much more this app has depth and a top notch User Experience worthy of its “Built for BlackBerry” designation!

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BlackBerry nudges Devs to port their HTML5 apps to Amazon app store


   As we move closer to the arrival of the amazon app store on our devices, BlackBerry is reminding BB10 developers that their HTML5 Based apps are easily ported over to the amazon app store.    While we here at encourage adoption of the Amazon store we are still firm believers in Native App supremacy.    Personally I view The amazon deal as a way to draw new customers to our platform while simultaneously satisfying our current BlackBerry users thirst for the few apps and games not already available in BlackBerry World.   The amazon deal will benefit us all and developers of HTML5 apps have the opportunity to earn more with the wider audience if one includes the new app store.    

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UK’s David Cameron #PoweredbyBlackBerry

#BlackBerry :

  UK prime minister is under a bit of fire from political rivals while he vacations in Cornwall largely due to the situation in Iraq where Both SAS troops and Tornado filter bombers are operating in the wake of renewed ISIS activities.   Normally this would not be news on this site however in an article published by “The Week” MR Cameron is quoted as saying :
"Wherever I am in the world, I am always within a few feet of a BlackBerry and an ability to manage things should they need to be managed."

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