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Be there and Be Square! Follow the Passport Launch Live!

BlackBerry announced today that the Passport Launch will be live cast via their website with festivities kicking off at 9am simultaneously in all three launch cities.   You can find the link to the live cast here: Link
Donny Halliwell of the inside BlackBerry Blog also requests that we all use the #BlackBerryPassPort tomorrow with all our social interactions concerning the launch event.    Tomorrow will be exciting and you can be sure the good folks at BlackBerry have a few surprises in store for us all!    Be the and Be Square!
Post by: LillyFox @lillyfoxblogs

A Visit from John Chen (Humor)



   Twas the night before Passport Launch, when all through ma house
Not a Berry was stirring, not even my 30;
The PlayBook’s  were Placed by the chimney with care,
In hopes that John Chen soon would be there;
The BlackBerry Faithful were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of PassPorts danced in their heads;
And I in my nighty and BlackBerry cap
Had just settled my brains for a long winters nap,
When out by the gates there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.

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BB10 OS Downloader updated to version



    Thanks to a heads up from Thurask, BB10 OS downloader has Ben updated on his GitHub .   The dev is asking all users to update to this build and future updates will soon be made much easier.   For those of you that know, BB10 OS Downloader is a sideloadable BB10 app used to search for and download BB10 carrier builds for BlackBerry 10 devices.   If you gave yet to update or would like to check it out you can safely download it here. LINK

Quick Guide to sideloading

Post by LillyFox @lillyfoxblogs



When I Get ma Passport…..I’m gonna…


       Today was one of my Biggest defeats and failures of my business career.    Honestly I do not belong in business but that decision was made for me after my Grandfather passed. To maintain my life the way that it is I can not walk away.   What I do to earn a living does not bring me much joy or happiness.     I do it as my duty to my family legacy and for other honorable reasons I will not disclose.    So what of happiness?……this is an important aspect in any humans life.  One can not live with out it in their daily life without suffering in one way or another.   I am however not ruled by the work that I must suffer and I find happiness in writing.    Specifically, writing about my greatest passion…..and that folks is BlackBerry. 

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