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DBBT Updated to version: (Beta) V2.2.9.0


   DBBT Has been updated to version :  (Beta) May have some bugs V2.2.9.0          to compensate for the recent changes in Dev OS auto-loaders released today.   Auto-loaders can once again be split and all other functions are back to working normal.   DBBT will still work the same with previous OS auto-loaders ect…. you can download this latest version here: LINK
post By: LillyFox lillyfoxblogs

A Bright Future for BlackBerry Consumers takes shape

      As we all know by now BlackBerry seems to have hit a home run with the new flagship device “Passport”.    I myself as my twitter followers know all to well am waiting for my device to ship as the pent up popularity of this amazing new device drove day one sales to so strong the device sold out within just hours.   As a result, Mr Chen was able to report 200,000 Passports had been sold,  two days later when the company reported fiscal 2015 Q2 results.    Within those results we also saw the device end of things generating a gross profit for the first time in 5 quarters thanks largely to strong Z3 demand and sales. 
      Now that the company is doing better and it has cut costs and losses to a minimum the company can once again take some risks in the device arena.   Arguable the Passport is the first of those risks and the excitement surrounding it is quite reminiscent of how BlackBerry Became so popular in the first place in the consumer market way back when.  

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BlackBerry United: One of our community members needs your help


You might not know the name Morten Lindstrom but if you look carefully through a lot of BlackBerry webinars, developer documentation and various other parts of BlackBerry related content, you’re sure to find his name. Morten is part of the BlackBerry community, especially the developer community being a BlackBerry Elite member. He gives up a lot of his time to help others but this time around Morten needs some help from #TeamBlackBerry.

Morten lives in Trinidad with his wife Nicole, who was recently diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. As Morten puts it, in the beginning it was all about being able to handle the pain, and good diet combined with pain killers was enough to help Nicole live a happy and positive life. However her situation soon deteriorated and she began having constant pain that not even morphine could stop, her energy level started dropping, and the days went from being active, to a fight for survival, all in less than a year.

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BlackBerry Passport Launches in India


The now extremely popular BlackBerry Passport that has seen sold out status in North America due to huge demand since it’s launch last Thursday has now launched in India.    According to “Business Today" the incredible innovative 4.5" square screened device with touch sensitive keyboard running OS 10.3 and pre-loaded with BlackBerry Blend is now available for pre-order for RS.49,990 both on and BlackBerry stores.
      Based on the popularity  of recent BlackBerry devices and the already huge demand worldwide for The Passport we can be sure this excellent device will fare well in the world’s largest democracy.    I for one can not wait for my own device to ship (currently on back order).   This daring device is sure to please all comments whether for business or pleasure.   This is by far BlackBerry’s most powerful device to date sporting  details you can see in the image below.

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BlackBerry 10.3.1. SDK and Developer OS now available (update)


Update: Auto-loader Links not yet available for download.
      BlackBerry has released the latest SDK and dev OS   For BB10 native developers in the BlackBerry dev zone…… so if you are a Dev now is the time to head on over and download the latest available Beta OS…. for those who are curious and know what they’re doing and want to know what this new 10.3.1. 632 build is like it is available for all devices from BlackBerry here:  LINK.   Do be forewarned however that this OS is not a complete Build and will be missing many features you are use to in your official OS… 
Post by: LillyFox @lillyfoxblogs 

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