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BlackBerry United: Review of Page Rank



Page Rank is an app which will be very useful for website developers. A site’s ranking are very important. The rank which it receives on search engine determines how much traffic the site will get and also the popularity. And, The most popular search engine is Google. Around 60% of the world’s people search on Google. So, It’s very necessary for a website to have a decent Google Rank. 

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OS My thoughts on the leaked Beta.


    Typically you would never hear me speak out against the leaking of a BB10 OS, I enjoy them as much as the next person and as an enthusiast, completely nerd out over every new detail or function.   In my opinion, OS Leaks provide at times a mechanism to excite and bring together our community in a very cool teach and learn situation that often creates expert level BlackBerry soldiers that can defend and promote our platform with superior knowledge of the devices and software we run. I’m certain that at times BlackBerry gets quite miffed at these early releases however they do gain valuable feedback. 
     Those of us who view Leaks as unofficial beta programs will go out of our way to test and comment on our findings and or fixes.   We share our experience with others who would like to learn and this brings the community together.   BlackBerry recently launched a very limited “test” closed beta program for OS   This test so to speak was to test the waters for possible expanded community testing.    Yesterday, against both instruction and legally binding NDA this OS was leaked to our community (core OS and a couple radios minus systems apps).   As much as I enjoy the latest new OS’s ….. I feel strongly that this was wrong. 

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