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BBM now officially available to all on Windows Phone


    Today marks the end of an ear as mow all four major Mobile platforms can enjoy the benefit of BBM.    BlackBerry today announced that after a short private beta All windows phone users will be able to download the app in their app store starting today.   We here at welcome all WP users to BBM and congratulations goes to BlackBerry for providing this invaluable social network messaging app to everyone .   
Post by: LillyFox @lillyfoxblogs 

"Echo"by Alessandro Belloti, an incredible App by an incredible developer!


 Prolific master BB10 app dev Alessandro Belloti brings us Echo…. one of the most feature packed Voice recording application available in BlackBerry World !   With Echo, 3 taps and you’ve Recorded your note , played it and shared it just like that. But this smooth flowing app is so much more and having had the honor of using the pre release Beta I can tell you this is a must have top notch app that will certainly remain on my device.  Don’t just take my word for it, try this free app for yourself are these are the features you will enjoy:

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Verizon don’t be a fool!….. You need to carry the Passport!

A very reliable source ( yes very reliable) has just informed me that @verizon will not be carrying the BlackBerry Passport.    This news has me fuming mad and not one member of the BlackBerry Community should let this go without a fight!. Verizon has the largest business / enterprise market share out of the 4 major Carriers in the US not to mention that if they choose to continue not to carry this most innovative new device then all Verizon customers will be unable to purchase the Passport as it is not a GSM carrier and Canadian models will not work on their network.  
    I ask each and everyone of you, the BlackBerry faithful to start tweeting @verizon your displeasure for their decision and your desire to own this amazing piece of technology!    If you want it!……Damn it fight for it!!!!   
Side note: At&t will get Passport    VZ will have classic only.
Post by: LillyFox @lillyfoxblogs 

BlackBerry’s John Sims reaffirms commitment to hardware devices


      In an interview with John Sims by “Computing” writer Peter Gothard they ask BlackBerry’ s president of enterprise services about the future outlook for new hardware devices beyond the upcoming launch of the Passport and Classic smartphones.    Unfounded rumors that these would be the last two devices launched by BlackBerry is quite ridiculous in itself and CEO John Chen Has repeatedly stated that the hardware business is and will be an important part of his multi-prong approach in strategy to rebuild BlackBerry.  
     In this interview Jobs Sims firmly reiterate what BlackBerry has been saying all along:

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