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Not so Quick….Quick guide to assembling or splitting an Auto-loader Via DBBT

   In a former life I belonged to a group known for releasing unofficial OS’s, radios and other delicious yet slightly naughty activity…. those days are over and this group no longer exists however leaks do still appear from time to time but not always as a ready to use auto-loader with exactly what you want or need.    With Beta OS’s we often see the OS without a radio to go with it.   Many times we can successfully mate a previous full OS’s radio or take one from the closest developer release to create a functional OS/radio combination.   In most cases if you wait a few hrs or days folks in our community tend to get on this and post their hybrid builds on fan site forums after a leak has arrived….. but how do they do it?

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John Chen updates BlackBerry’s condition

  I was turned on to an article by the ‘Financial Times' by my good friend over at BBpowered BBMC: C001C1D66 . This article was based on an impromptu interview with BlackBerry CEO John Chen while he waited out a typhoon in Hong Kong recently. During the interview he reiterated his previous belief that BlackBerry’s chances of success long term stands at 80/20… meaning 80% chance of success.   that we knew….but to this he adds wisely that he will not “Jinx” things by ever claiming 100%….. and that he is actually feeling better than the 80/20 figure adds credence to the vibe the BlackBerry community is getting that things are on the way up!…this man certainly never speaks words he can not back up and in today’s world this is quite refreshing.
    To again reiterate his belief that BlackBerry is one solid ground he had this to say:
“The panic has gone. We are going to be a viable company and the question now is how great we are going to be. That one I will need some time to answer.”

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I’m secretly a BlackBerry purist…..shhh! don’t tell

   BlackBerry’s on the rise…. this is largely due to the fantastic leadership of the company’s CEO John Chen and the team he has assembled to change years of decline into a monumental reversal of fortunes.   if there is any doubt left in anyone’s mind that this man has what it takes to make BlackBerry on of the world’s greatest turnaround stories then you haven’t been reading the right news.    There is so much momentum and behind the scenes activity that will rocket the company back to the top that it is now becoming a “how soon” vs “if” situation.
     The new BlackBerry is a cross platform BlackBerry… BBM is prospering because it is now available across multiple platforms and more to come.   The World of IM is a cross-platform and that’s a fact of life….. BBM4all is here for good……… secretly I resent cross-platform BBM… I hate that non BlackBerry users get to play on the company’s incredible instant messaging social network… this said…. I completely support cross-platform BBM because it is for the greater good for BlackBerry…. I support and promote it…. I just secretly dislike it.   That’s a personal emotion and not  my business instinct talking.   BBM4all makes sense and is one of the best moves BlackBerry has made in recent history….and I suppose it’s nice that my misguided non BlackBerry friends can BBM me.

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BlackBerry Make BES available as a hosted service. (Press release)


     In a press release today BlackBerry announced the availability of BES10 as a hosted service now putting this incredible MDM service in reach of millions of small business that may not have previously had the infrastructure or IT departments to run their own servers. Cost will also prove quite delicious to the small independent company!     This move is one of many that will continue BlackBerry’s March back to the top and help maintain and grow it’s commanding lead in the enterprise market.   

Press release below:

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