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BlackBerry Make BES available as a hosted service. (Press release)


     In a press release today BlackBerry announced the availability of BES10 as a hosted service now putting this incredible MDM service in reach of millions of small business that may not have previously had the infrastructure or IT departments to run their own servers. Cost will also prove quite delicious to the small independent company!     This move is one of many that will continue BlackBerry’s March back to the top and help maintain and grow it’s commanding lead in the enterprise market.   

Press release below:

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Another way to access LillyFoxBlogs!



    Okay, so I recognize doesn’t scream out hey look a BlackBerry10 enthusiast site!!!!…. truth is however we’ve had fantastic success regardless so I have no plans on changing to a new domain….however Neo and I have chosen to add a new domain that redirects to this site… from now on anyone can get here using we will be using this additional domain on some social media sites and possibly an ad here or there….. nothing changes, we are and will be there’s just an extra way to get here now!

Post by: LillyFox @lillyfoxblogs



BlackBerry confirms the White “Passport”


    In Donny Halliwell’s continuing series of Passport teasers on the inside BlackBerry Blog, he confirms today what many of us have been seeing around the inter-webs of late ….. the BlackBerry Passport in White!
In this most recent article Mr Halliwell interviews Brian Paschke and Joseph Hofer, designers of the Passport. A few snippets of this interview below:

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